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Turismo Responsable

Be a Responsible Tourist Vegetarians Worldwide

Vegetarians Worldwide

Vegetarian Travel Agencies

Green Earth Travel

In Asia. Veg Voyages

Vegetarian Restaurants Around the World

Happy Cow

Veg Dining

Veg Guide

In the US. PETA Restaurant Guide

In Spain. Hazte Vegetariano

The Camino de Santiago or The Way of St.James as a Vegetarian. Libro de Ana Moreno

Vegetarian Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels and Resorts

Veggie Hotels (More than 300 establishments in 45 countries)

Bed & Breakfasts

Spas and Relax


Hiking and Trekking

In the US. The Vegetarian Travel Guide

Vegetarian Travel

Vegetarian phrases in all languages: Unión Vegetariana Internacional

Tipical vegetarian dishes of different countries: The veggie table

Leaflets with vegetarian concepts in all languages: Selectwisely

The Vegan Passport in 73 languages: Vegetarian Guides

Tips for vegetarian backpackers: Vegan Backpacker

Vegan Travel: Vegan World Trekker

Vegetarian Cooking classes Abroad

Vegetarian Vacations

More on being a vegetarian: FAADA

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About this section

As vegetarians / vegans we know it can be difficult to find a place that serves food that meets the requirements of the diet we have chosen to follow. When we travel, depending on the country, it can be more or less challenging plus the language barrier might create difficulties. In this section we would like to give you some tips on vegetarian / vegan restaurants and accommodations in accordance with the destination of your choice. We would also like to point out how you can make yourself understood and typical dishes you can eat without having to worry they may contain animal products. NOTE: If you know of a vegetarian restaurant that is not included in this listing or any of the suggested ones does no longer exist, please let us know at turismo@faada.org
Anuncia tu Restaurante Vegetariano aquí

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