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Turismo Responsable

Tourism and Animals Zoos


Around 30,000 zoos worldwide are exhibiting millions of wild animals, mostly under appalling living conditions.

They are kept in confinement where their needs and behaviors are far from being satisfied. Only surrounded bey cement and bars, they suffer physically and psychologically from the lack of freedom and the suppression of their natural behaviors. Additionally to the lack of space, environmental enrichment, privacy and shelter, they have to endure extreme weather conditions as well as the visual and physical contact with humans.

We are talking about a multi-million dollar industry that exploits animals for profit by exhibiting them.

More information about the problems of animals in zoos.

Read more about our work on Infozoos.org

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Turismo Responsable - Fundación Faada

Registered in the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine affairs, 1/2004.
FAADA Foundation, for the Adoption, Sponsorship and Defence of Animals is a non profit organisation for the protection of animals.

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