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Tourism and Animals

Snake Charmers

In countries like India (in which, by the way, this activity is prohibited) and Morocco it is common to see the so-called "snake charmers" exhibiting their animals for money. Every year thousands of snakes are poached for these shows, one of the main reasons for their extinction.

To avoid bites, they usually have their tusks cut, their mouths tied up with plastic strings, or even their mouth glued shut with just enough space for the animals to stick out their tongue . They also have their venom glands taken out with inappropriate methods and unhygienic techniques causing the snakes to develop infections and die of starvation.

Many of the snakes that could be rescued from snake charmers by organizations such as Wildlife SOS India,Wildlife SOS from India, show severe signs of dehydration.

It has been estimated that each snake charmer uses an average of 7 snakes a year. These snakes are mostly captured from the wild which highly affects the conservation of certain species, being one of the main causes for their decline.


Snakes also suffer on snake farms where they are often crammed together in precarious conditions and are then slaughtered for their skins.


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