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Turismo Responsable

Tourism and Pets Tourism and Pets

According to the Institute of Tourism in Spain, there are more and more travel opportunities for pet owners. Both national and internationally, the number of establishments and travel companies accepting pets is increasing.

But even though, it can be somewhat challenging to plan a vacation with a pet, and finding a hotel or transport company welcoming our best friend may take longer than we would like.

Sometimes, and depending on the type of animal, the best option for our furry companion is to stay at home or some other safe place while their owners enjoy a well deserved holiday. But not everybody has a trustworthy person living close by to take care of the pet while the owner are away, and finding the perfect pet boarding or dog-sitter is not a simple task.

The purpose of this section is to make the vacation planning for pet owners as easy and pleasant as possible.

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Turismo Responsable - Fundación Faada

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FAADA Foundation, for the Adoption, Sponsorship and Defence of Animals is a non profit organisation for the protection of animals.

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