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Responsible Companies - Committment Travel Bloggers


1.1. We recognize the concept of animal sentience that was written into the basic law of the European Union by the legally-binding Protocol annexed to the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1997, and that recognizes that animals are “sentient beings”, capable of feelings and suffering.

1.2. We recognize that certain tourist activities are harmful to animals. In the long-term interest of protecting nature and our industry, we are committed to prevent and reduce the negative impact that tourism has on animals.

1.3. As travel bloggers and writers, we believe we can be important contributors to the development of responsible tourism towards animals. We will endeavor to prevent abuse of animals in all the activities we participate in or we propose in our posts.

1.4. We recognize that tourism can contribute to the viability of projects of genuine protection and conservation of animals. We commit to market only those activities that, if involving animals, provide a positive contribution to animal protection and conservation of species, and the environment.




2.1. We thoroughly evaluate activities involving animals before promoting them in our blog or articles.

2.2. Even though an activity might be legal with the required permits, if an activity involves - or is suspected to involve- animal abuse or exploitation of wildlife, we will avoid participating in or promoting it.

2.3 In response to the impossibility to keep and train elephants and dolphins in captivity in an ethical manner, we will refrain from participating in elephant rides and swimming with dolphins in captivity.

2.4. When in doubt about possible negative effects on animals of an activity we are considering to promote, we will contact with local and international protection organizations to inform us about its viability.

2.5. Considering the great amount of centers of animal exploitation indicating they are “rescue centers” or “sanctuaries”, we will search for information about their real goals before visiting them or promote their work. 

2.6. We will inform our followers, partners and business companies of our commitment and we will encourage them to improve their contribution to the protection of animals cooperating with them wherever possible to adapt or modify their activities.

2.7. We will invite our partners and followers to check FAADA’s informative material on this subject in order to learn about the implications of the use of animals in tourism. We will also indicate the importance to contact the above mentioned organization in case of knowing about an activity / supplier or operator to use animals for profit and abuse them.

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