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Responsible Companies

HOTELS. Commitment to Responsible Tourism for Animals

1. Principles

1.1. We recognize the concept of animal sentience that was written into the basic law of the European Union by the legally-binding Protocol annexed to the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1997, and that recognizes that animals are “sentient beings”, capable of feelings and suffering.

1.2. We recognize that certain tourist activities are harmful to animals. In the long-term interest of protecting nature and our industry, we are committed to prevent and reduce the negative impact that tourism has on animals.

1.3. As part of the hotel industry, we believe we can be important contributors to the development of responsible tourism for animals. We will work to prevent abuse of animals in our operations and activities.

1.4. We recognize that tourism can contribute to the viability of projects of genuine protection and conservation of animals. We commit to develop, operate and market only those activities that, if involving animals, provide a positive contribution to animal protection and conservation of species, and the environment.

2. Pledge

2.1. We will not exhibit any live animals on our premises.

2.2. We will refrain from performing animal shows at our facility.

2.3. We will not promote (through brochures or other advertising material) or sell tickets to facilities that exhibit wild animals in captivity and / or perform animal shows.

2.4. We will inform our business partners, suppliers and subcontractors about our policy, and will encourage them to improve their contribution to the protection of animals cooperating with them wherever possible to adapt or modify their activities.

2.5. We will promote the cooperation with national and local authorities, and any other concerned stakeholder, to develop and implement measures for tourism respectful of animals.

2.6. Within twelve calendar months of signing this commitment, we will introduce these principles into our policy of corporate social responsibility and define measurable goals.

2.7. We support the principles of the Foundation FAADA as described in this document. We will strive to work with them in developing our guidelines and contact them to ensure that the purpose of the activities we promote is genuine in its respect to animals, their protection and conservation of species.

3. Awareness and communication

3.1. We will endeavor in our public communication and advertising, as well as our operations, to promote behaviors and activities consistent with the principles of respectful and responsible tourism for animals.

3. 2. We will offer and deliver explanatory material of FAADA to interested customers, informing them of the implications between tourism and animals. We will also indicate the importance to contact the above mentioned organization in case of knowing about an activity / supplier or operator to use animals for profit and abuse them.

3.3. In case of knowing about activities / providers / operators who exploit animals, we commit to bringing those organizations to the attention of the Foundation FAADA.

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