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Tourism and Pets. Pet Boarding

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  • Animales en Armonia

    Canguro a domicilio www.animalesenarmonia.com Barcelona...

  • Bingo Can

    Residencia animales de compañia Telf: 952. 891.035 Sabinillas...

  • Bluenitdog

    Residencia canina www.bluenitdogs.com Barcelona. También hacen desplazamientos en toda España...

  • Can and Dog

    Residencia canina www.educadorescaninos.com Alguete...

  • Can fauna

    Residencia canina www.canfauna.com Banyeres del Penedés...

  • Can Franch

    Residencia canina www.canfranch.es Sentmenat  ...

  • Caraby

    Residencia canina y felina www.caraby.net Benidorm...

  • Centre Cani de Pals

    Residencia canina www.centrecanidepals.com Pals...

  • Centro Canino Miraflores

    Residencia canina www.centrocaninomiraflores.com Entre Colmenar y Guadalix...

  • Dogvillage

    Residencia canina www.dogvillage.es La Gineta...

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If instead of traveling with your best friend you are thinking about leaving her at home, here are some tips to ensure your puppy is well cared for:

* Visit the boarding facilities at least once before leaving your dog there to meet the staff, inspect the facilities and see the way they work.

* Ensure that the facilities are neat, organized and odor-free.

* Check that the cages are large enough, have a roof and provide enough shade.

* Make sure your pet is fed with her regular food and given water individually.

* Make sure your dog has access to an outdoor area that offers sun and shade, where she can walk. Ask about the frequency, the criteria and monitoring during walks.

* Leave the contact details of your vet and specific instructions regarding any additional care your pet might need.

And finally, some suggestions to make your dog's stay as pleasant as possible:

* If this is the first time you board your puppy, leave her only a short period of time so she can get used to it.

* If you have had a positive experience in a boarding facility, don't change it: you will be more relaxed and your dog will instantly recognize the familiar place.

* Leave a blanket or pillow from home that carries your scent...This will help your dog to calm down and feel at home!

NOTE: These boarding facilities have been recommended to FAADA by people and animal welfare organizations.
Should you observe irregularities in any of them, please let us know at turismo@faada.org.

Tourism and Pets

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