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Turismo Responsable

Responsible Tourism

Tourism and Animals

Responsible Tourism Towards Animals is an initiative by FAADA Foundation created to expose the problems related to the use of animals in the tourism sector and the close relationship between these same problems and the disappearance of threatened species. The campaign also aims to provide ethical alternatives for tourists and professionals who want to get to know animals in a responsible way and support the work of real sanctuaries and rescue centers.

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If you're reading this, you most likely love animals, or at least think they deserve to be respected for being inhabitants of this planet, just as we are. Animals are wonderful creatures, but they are also vulnerable beings, as are the people who adore animals. The passion for animals makes them a p...

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EARTH - Eurpean Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality
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Turismo Responsable - Fundación Faada

Registered in the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine affairs, 1/2004.
FAADA Foundation, for the Adoption, Sponsorship and Defence of Animals is a non profit organisation for the protection of animals.

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